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Injustice 2 - Batman Batwing, Batmobile, and Batarang

This is an assortment of Batman assets for Both story mode and in-game. I worked on rigging the Batwing and its multiple iterations throughout the story mode of Injustice 2, as well as setting up the interior with custom made assets as well as others provided by our environment team in Batman's supermove cinematic. I created the Batarang from high-res/low res to implementation in-game.

The Batmobile asset for Injustice 2's story mode was a large collaboration between myself and multiple other artists. Sara Schwartz and I setup the initial rigging and temporary assets for animation. Steven Keane Downer from WB Games Montreal created the high/low asset (More renders of this asset can be found on his page here: ), and Christian Vasquez made the necessary geometry adjustments to implement the final asset in-game. I finalized material work in-engine.

Jessie graybeal storymodebatwingcockpit

Batwing Interior

Jessie graybeal storymodebatwing

Batwing Exterior

Jessie graybeal batmanbatarang 01

Batman's Batarang

Jessie graybeal batmanbatarang 02

Batman's Batarang

Jessie graybeal storymodebatmobile