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Injustice 2 - Green Lantern Constructs

I was responsible for setting up the material effect for Green Lantern's Constructs. The effect was made to be applied to any object, with the only unique textures for each object being a highlighted edge to aid in the glow, and a normal map for more important, large scale props. The material was also setup to be able to pull the color palette information from the Shader the player uses, tinting the constructs to match.

For the sphere shield, I set up WPO/masking and a single parameter that drives the effect of the shield disappearing during Green Lantern's intro. I also setup the mesh and rigging for his Supermove robot to be able to "assemble" itself in, including example animations for how the guns should open. Additional help with prop geometry creation from Sara Schwartz and Christian Vasquez.

Jessie graybeal greenlanternconstructs 01

Green Lantern Construct Props

Jessie graybeal greenlanternconstructs 02

Green Lantern Supermove Robot Construct