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Injustice 2 - Base Character Eyes and Mouth/Teeth Assets

I was responsible for setting up our in-game eyes and teeth assets. The teeth/tongue were created from a high res source provided by our lead, Brendan George. I setup the low res asset, and created the textures using Substance painter. A Custom shader was used to provide Subsurface Scattering on the for cinematic shots.

The eye material is setup with multiple parameters to allow for precise control over things like pupil dilation, iris color, and emissive glow utilizing emissive masks. The shader utilizes bump offsets to simulate the parallax effect that occurs from the bulging of the cornea and the depth of the iris. The eyes utilize single spheres of geometry rather than having a transparent shader applied to geometry on top of the base eye geometry. The entire effect is material driven with a single material applied to the eyes.

Keith Beu helped with material polish and applying eyelid shading and override glow effects for some of our unique character shaders.

Jessie graybeal eyesandmouth 01

Substance Painter (Top left) and realtime in-engine base teeth/tongue.

Jessie graybeal eyesandmouth 02

Eye Material functionality